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Agustina is an MIT Innovator Under 35, serial tech entrepreneur and software engineer. She's the CEO of Wolox, a Digital Experiences lab, that specializes in co-creating digital solutions for different industries. Her work ethic and attitude have been shaped by the inspiring people and innovative challenges she experienced during her time at the Global Solutions Program at Singularity University and the Launchpad program at SU Ventures at NASA in Silicon Valley.


Recently, Agustina has taken on several new endeavors as the co-founder of various tech communities- Buenos Aires Tech and Code for Buenos Aires as well as Muzi, a Singularity University company, that intends to democratize and incentivize medical diagnostics by leveraging AI, machine learning and image recognition aiming to have a positive impact on global health. More of her latest projects include Tech Women’s network, DeltaX: an impact startup accelerator and she is also working on a new community for women in leadership around the world.


Over her career, Agustina has had extensive experience as a backend and frontend developer, manager, director, project manager, event organizer, and marketing and growth consultant. She has had the chance to experiment, research and work on projects with robotics, artificial intelligence, learning perceptrons, cryptographic and security systems, image recognition.

Agustina is passionate about creating a positive impact in the world with the use of technology and she has established her life mission as such.




Agus Fainguersch

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Agustina Fainguersch

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